5 Incredible G Adventures Tours

5 Incredible G Adventures Tours January 18, 2016 · 15 min. readThis article may contain affiliate links.

Today is Blue Monday. For those who don't know what Blue Monday is, it's the third Monday in January after the holidays; or the most depressing day of the year. It's the day when all the Christmas baking runs out, all the presents start gathering dust, all the lights have been taken down and you come to the revelation that you are in the same unhappy situation you were one month ago, only this time there's no Santa Claus at the end of the month.

I was hit with the Blue Monday blues once too, a few years ago. I had been fired from one job I really enjoyed, and started working for somebody else who I just wasn't compatible with. There was a mounting personality conflict between me and my employer and after one Friday night phone call telling me I had to come back to the office and do more work, I decided I had had enough. I finished my project, filed my reports and left a note on my employer's desk that simply said "I quit". The following Monday I changed my phone number, blocked him on social media and walked away from that situation forever. A week later I had a new job at a place I liked, and life carried on.

So, when I say Blue Monday sucks, I mean it.

A lot of travel bloggers will tell you to quit your job and travel the world, and although that's a wonderful idea, it is best to do it after some legitimate planning and saving, not just commit a Blue Monday Rage like me. Instead, look at your saved holidays, look at your finances and then quit your job. The day after you walk out, there's going to be some major fallout, so why not just leave the country for a few months and go on one of these incredible G Adventures tours? Let the people you used to work with deal with the fallout; you have a life to live, so don't make it one full of regrets.

The Great South American Journey - Quito to Fortaleza

Duration: 73 Days

Cost: $10,439 ($7,192.510 USD)

The Great South American Journey - Quito to Fortaleza

This is the longest tour G Adventures has, and if you leave right now, you will get back on March 31st, assuming you'll want to come back. Your tour starts in Quito, Ecuador, not far from the beautifully mysterious Amazon rainforest. The next day you travel into the forest to the "jungle city of Tena" by truck. Your journey will take you to seven countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay) and you will visit the incredible Inca Trail and the legendary Machu Picchu. In fact, you'll see Machu Picchu on Day 29, which is just under half way through the trip.

On this trip you will go hiking, paragliding, horseback riding, surfing, camping, beaching, wine drinking, local food tasting, bicycling, dinosaur track exploring, 4x4ing, sandboarding, mountain biking, tango dancing and well... 23 days more worth of stuff to do!

You will also be visiting Valley of the Moon, the Witches' Market, Tiahuanaco Ruins, Warmiwañusca, (better known as Dead Woman's Pass) and the ruins of Phuyupatamarca, "the town above the clouds", where you have the option of spending the night.

You can look at the whole itinerary if you'd like, but it's a lot to take in! 73 days is a long time after all!

Map of The Great South American Journey - Quito to Fortaleza

Ultimate Africa - Cape Town to Nairobi

Duration: 54 Days

Cost: $7,999 ($5,508.86 USD)

Ultimate Africa - Cape Town to Nairobi

Worried about the jungle and those mysterious insects and some untouched tribes? Swap out the greenery for sand ... and realize that that's not true at all because Africa is actually really green!  On this trip you'll be visiting eight countries (Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) which range from deserts to lush forest communities. You'll start your trip in Cape Town, and the next day head up to Cederberg (if you like mountains, you'll love this place!) where you will be camping on a farm. The next day you'll drive past miles of tea plantations and go on a canoe trip down the scenic Orange River. You'll see Dune 45 – a sand dune so impressive it has a name, get survival skills from the Bushman of Kalahari Desert, take a flight over the stunning Okavango, camp under ancient baobab trees, travel to the "Lake of Stars," Lake Malawi... oh, and you'll get to see Mt. Kilimanjaro!

This tour includes activities such as hiking, diving, snorkelling, white water rafting, birding (that's bird watching), and 43 nights of camping! You'll also be spending time with hippos, chimpanzees and gorillas near the end of the trip (kind of like those people you used to work with back home, in case you missed them)!

You will also be visiting the Damaraland Living Museum to learn more about the lost culture of the Damara people, and you'll climbing down the edge of a crater!

The whole itinerary is online, but if you want less traveling time and more time in Zanzibar, G recommends booking their 'Zanzibar Express' upgrade which includes a flight and an extra night in Zanzibar.

Map of Ultimate Africa - Cape Town to Nairobi

Indian Odyssey by Rail – Delhi to Delhi

Duration: 54 Days

Cost: $5,699 ($3,924.86 USD)

Indian Odyssey by Rail – Delhi to Delhi

Before you read any further, I want you to look back at that price. $5,699 for 54 days! That's $105 Canadian, or $72.70 American, a day! That's unbelievable!

Are you a lover of history, culture and a variety of rich religious traditions? This is the trip for you! Your trip starts in Delhi, the capitol of India, which is a five thousand years old! To help wrap your head around this, Delhi is twice as old as Rome, give or take a couple hundred years.

Your first few days will take you north of Delhi to the border of Pakistan where you can witness the India-Pakistan Wagah border ceremony, a friendly military rivalry ceremony between the two countries. Return to Delhi a few days later and begin your cross India journey that will take you to Jewish synagogues, McLeod Ganj (the seat of the Tibetan government in exile, and home to the Dalai Lama), the Taj Mahal (and, if time permits, Baby Taj) and Hawa Mahal, the Palace of the Winds. You'll also visit Mumbai, home to 20 million people.

Unlike the previous tours, this tour has no camping. Instead most of your nights will be spent in hotels, with the remainders being spent on the train. This is also a lot less physically demanding tour as it is more sightseeing and relaxing, not hiking, climbing, diving and swimming, but you will still be doing a lot of walking. (Why not challenge your ex coworkers to a Fitbit Challenge while on this trip and destroy them? It'll feel awesome, trust me!)

You will also be visiting cactus nurseries, coffee plantations and what seems like a beach every other day. What an awesome trip for those looking to see one of the oldest civilizations in the world?

Feel free to check out the itinerary. My knowledge of India isn't as good as I wish it was, so you'll probably recognize some of the places on the tour that I didn't!

Map of Indian Odyssey by Rail – Delhi to Delhi

London to Tehran by Rail – London to Tehran

Duration: 40 Days

Cost: $6,999 ($4,816.10 USD)

London to Tehran by Rail – London to Tehran

With supercheap flights from Canada and the US to Europe (we're talking $159 - $360 flights here, guys!), this trip is very possible for you right now. This trip takes you to 10 different countries (Austria, Bulgaria, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Romania, Switzerland, and Turkey), making it the most countries you'll visit on any of the tours I listed here!

Your trip starts in London, where you hop on the world famous Eurostar and travel under the English Channel to Paris for a few days. From there you'll head to Lausanne, a small Swiss town where you'll spend the night on your way to Zermatt, a mountain village. The next day you'll be trekking through the Alps on the Glacier Express where you will see meadows, rushing streams, bridges, villages and massive mountains. Your time in Europe will cover a half dozen castles, many small European villages, Sofia's electric Ladies' Market and Theatre of Ancient Philippopolis, to name just some of the gorgeous locations. Then you'll come to Istanbul (not Constantinople!), the capitol of Turkey. You'll then spend eight days in Turkey before going to the gem of this whole journey: Tehran, Iran!

With tensions between the United States and Iran finally easing off and becoming friendly, Iran is becoming one of the hottest destinations on the planet – not to mention Isfahan, one of the cities you'll be visiting, is one of the finest Islamic cities in the world!

This trip is easy for those looking for a less physical journey with the website even saying it's "not too challenging" for most people. It's a slower paced tour, spending an average of four days in each country. G says history-lovers, culture-fanatics, and people-watchers alike won't want this adventure to end.

Their literary is online, and it breaks down in much further detail what castles, gates, temples and churches you'll be seeing on this incredible trip! You'll definitely want to check it out!

Map of London to Tehran by Rail – London to Tehran

Best of the USA Tour – San Francisco to San Francisco

Duration: 44 Days

Price: $5,354 ($3,684.16 USD)

Best of the USA Tour – San Francisco to San Francisco

When I found this tour the first time, I emailed G and asked them if they'd sponsor me to take it and help promote it. This incredible 44 day journey visits almost 20 states, spanning from California to Texas to Tennessee to New York to Wyoming. This tour is a great way to see America from coast to coast and experience the beauty that is the United States of America.

(For anybody wondering, G Adventures said no, they wouldn't let me take it for free. Oh well!)

You begin in the beautiful San Francisco. G Adventures recommends coming a few days earlier and exploring this city, as there is a lot to see and not much time here before you head out to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where you will be spending your second night. Then you head to Yosemite, Tioga Pass, Death Valley and then bustling Las Vegas! From there you will hop on the famous Route 66 and head to the Grand Canyon, where you will be spending the night (!!). You will be visiting Roswell in New Mexico, the French Quarter in New Orleans, and the musical melting pot that is Memphis, Tennessee. You'll also visit Washington DC, New York City and Yellowstone National Park.

This tour is heavily camping based, and you will also be spending a lot of times outdoors by hiking, biking, rafting and kayaking. You'll probably also be doing some gambling in Vegas, which might pay for your whole trip, if you're lucky!

Be sure to check out the itinerary to see what it all entails.

Map of Best of the USA Tour – San Francisco to San Francisco


Blue Monday might suck, but 2016 doesn't have to! There are a lot of tours available, and a lot of places to see. If 2015 had you in a rut, don't repeat it! Here's to Blue Monday, and the motivation to make 2016 the best year yet! 

(Editor's Note: I'm not affiliated with G Adventures in any way. I just thought these were cool tours.)

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5 Incredible G Adventures Tours

And, as always, a big thank you to my sweetheart Jessica Nuttall for proof reading a countless number of my articles. I couldn't do any of this without you. I love you.

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